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Monday, 24.06.2019, 03:47


1. We advise you to better bring Euros, in some places they even accept Euros, for example in Varadero. You can also bring some cash because in some provinces there are no ATMs, but in the main cities like Havana, Varadero, Santiago etc there are. Sometimes, tourists  get in troubles, because they brought cards of their countries that are not accepted, but all the ATMs accept Visa and Master Card. 

2. About Accommodation, we can tell you that there exist lots of fine hotels, but it's better that you rent a room in a particular house ("casa particular"); they are cheaper than hotels, for example a particular house may cost 20-25 CUC, it depends on the season you come here, if there are lots of foreigners in the country, the price gets high and if there are few, the cost will get low. In Varadero you will have to rent a room in a hotel, Varadero is more expensive than other parts of the country. 

3. With your driver's license you can drive here in Cuba without any problems, if you want to rent a car the prices are from 50-80 CUC per day, more or less, and the insurance is about 200 CUC, if you take care of the car, the office will give you back all the money.And you can pay like 60% with credit card. The gas price is about: 0.85 – 1.10 CUC per liter, depending on the quality of the gas. 

4. If you want to stay in a Cuban’s house, a friend or whatever in Cuba, you must get in immigration department a special document,and you have to pay a tax for that (about 40 CUC per month), because the government doesn't allow Cubans to have foreigners in their houses, so don't ask for accommodation to a Cuban, unless you get the special document when you arrive here. It is kind of difficult to obtain it, it is only given if you can prove with pictures or previous e-mails that you have a close relationship with that Cuban family.

5. Here there are no restricted areas for foreigners, you can go wherever you want, you will be free in our country. And you can have the two currencies,in fact you should exchange some money in Cuban pesos-moneda nacional- to buy vegetables,fruits,bred,etc in our Agros (mercado agropecuario,where they sell in Moneda Nacional).
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